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  1. Luna - the best hero that basically breaks the game, can farm the entire map with just her firewall and no army.
  2. Magic university - allows you to buy any magic school, so you don’t have to rely on rolling earth or air magic through leveling.
  3. Firebirds are the fastest unupgraded t7 unit and Phoenixes are the fastest unit in the game.
  4. Air elementals are the strongest t2 unit in the game.
  5. Magic elementals and fire elementals magic/fire immunity allow for strategies involving armageddon.
  6. Best grail building in the game. (Gives all magic, but you are still required to build the mage guild to get access to the spells of the mg level that you build).
  7. Has a high chance of getting a Summon Elemental spell in MG5.


  1. Usually costs a lot in trade games, so you will be starting with less gold.
  2. Their units are relatively weak overall.
  3. If you’re unlucky you can be faced with guards/breaks/blocks that are not Luna-friendly. For example, efreet sultans or dragons of any kind are very challenging for Luna to overcome.
  4. The mechanics of using Luna and her firewall are somewhat challenging to learn.
  5. Even though Conflux has the tools to use armageddon strategies, it cannot get armageddon in its Mage Guild.

Best heroes

Luna - the god tier hero that breaks the game. Grindan and Labetha are good because they start with Earth magic (Grindan is better in the early game because he also starts with the “Slow” spell).

Brissa is good because of her “Haste” specialty, making the “Haste” spell more effective.

Monere - good might hero, starts with Logistics and offense.

Best conflux heroes

Build order

Day 1 you want to build a mage guild if you have the gold for it, because most other buildings require it. After that, it will depend on what the map gives you and what your overall strategy is. Some people like to go for the Storm Elemental upgrade. If you need to buy Earth Magic, you will usually build the Magic University on turn 2, 3, or 4. If the map gives you a few external altars of thought, you could go for building Magic Elementals. Most commonly though, after the Magic University, you will likely try to build up your Mage Guild (especially if you’re dealing with a difficult break as good spells can help you overcome something that Luna wouldn’t be able to handle with just her fire wall).

Best spells

Fire wall - Luna’s specialty, her double damage allows you to do a lot with no army, using just Luna and her mana.

Armageddon - if you can find an armageddon shrine/scroll or a fire tome, you can use it with Fire Elementals or Magic Elementals.

Forgetfulness - great spell when you’re dealing with a ranged break like Cyclopes or Enchanters, in combination with Water Magic that you can buy in the Magic University it will allow you to burn ranged breaks without a problem (except for titans and liches as they are immune to mind spells).

Resurrect - great spell to have in situations where you’re dealing with a difficult break.

Summon elementals - another great spell to have when dealing with difficult fights.

Bless - Conflux units such as Air & Water Elemental have a wide range of damage, making them a perfect target for Bless

Blind - more effective than for other factions because Luna will always have expert fire magic.

Berserk - more effective than for other factions because Luna will always have expert fire magic



Name Attack Defense Min Dmg Max dmg HP
Air Elemental 9 9 2 8 25
Earth Elemental 10 10 4 8 40
Energy Elemental 12 8 4 6 35
Fire Elemental 10 8 4 6 35
Firebird 18 18 30 40 150
Ice Elemental 8 10 3 7 30
Magic Elemental 15 13 15 25 80
Magma Elemental 11 11 6 10 40
Phoenix 21 18 30 40 200
Pixie 2 2 1 2 3
Psychic Elemental 15 13 10 20 75
Sprite 2 2 1 3 3
Storm Elemental 9 9 2 8 25
Water Elemental 8 10 3 7 30

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