Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Demon farming guide

29 Aug 2020

Created by: HoMM Utopia


Summon demons is a special ability of Pit lords (upgraded lvl 5 dwelling from Inferno) that enables them to summon a stack of dead creatures back to life as Demons. An individual Pit Lord can summon up to 50hp worth of demons. Dead stack that is being ressurected must have at least 35 hp hit points in order for the summoning to work.

Non living creatures, such as undead, golems, elementals and gargoyles cannot be brought back to life with this ability.

Best units for demon farming

Imps, Gogs and many tier 1, 2 & 3 units have lower stats than Demons so their hitpoints are much more valuable when brought back to life by Pit Fiends. This means that the best units to demon farm are ones with a lot of HP that have low stats such as Pikeman, Dwarves & Crew Mates.

Best units for demon farming

Units with a lot of HP and low stats

Life artifacts & Demon Farming

Artifacts such as Ring of Life, Vial of lifeblood, Ring of Vitality & Elixir of life allow you to create more demons with less units. No matter the bonuses, summoning a demon will always require 35 hp.

Heroes 3 Life Artifacts

Life artifacts improve the rate at which you can farm demons

Tips and tricks

This strategy works best on M+ sized maps. The larger the map, the more room you'll have to build out your demon power stack.

Consider economy when deciding which units you'll buy out when trying to farm up demons. Demons cost 250 gold per unit when bought from a town, anything that you pay over that should be considered a luxury.

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