Heroes 3 Complete Artifact Merchant Guide

17 Oct 2020

Created by: Tg Games


Artifact Merchant is a structure that can only be built in Tower, Dungeon, and Confux towns. Heroes that visit a town with this building can buy and sell artifacts which can give you a big advantage if you get lucky. This vendor will alway soffer one major artifact, three minor ones and three treasure artifacts. Relic artifacts and spell scrolls will never appear in the store.

Special thanks to Tg Games whose video made this guide possible.

Artifact Merchant will offer the same artifacts for every player in every town that has it. This means that the offer is the same for all players and if one player buys an artifact, it will no longer be available for purchase by others. So, if you have your eye on some artifact, be sure to buy it before your opponent does!

How are the prices of artifacts affected?

As we've mentioned in our Marketplace guide, rates can also be changed and be more favorable for us at the Artifact Merchant. Prices of artifacts will drop with every Marketplace you build - and not by owning more Artifact Merchant buildings. Having three, four or five structures of this type will not modify the prices of artifacts.

With nine Marketplaces the artifacts will be cheapest and you will be able to sell them at the highest prices. See the table below to learn how the rates are changing:

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 artifact merchant price table

New set of items in the Artifact Merchant

If you clear out the Artifact Merchant or if you cannot find anything you need in it, every month the building will offer you a new set of artifacts. The key stays the same - one major artifact, three minor artifacts and three treasure artifacts. Also, the rules do not change - all of the players will be offered the same artifacts and if another player purchases one, it is no longer available for you.


Other structures that trade artifacts

Another structure where you can buy and sell artifacts can be found in the Adventure map, and that is the Black market. There are some differences, though - it doesn’t matter how many Marketplaces you own, the rates in the Black market will stay the same. The prices will always be the same as in an Artifact Merchant with five Marketplaces built. Black markets are also not dependent on each other. This means that each one of them has its own set of artifacts and purchasing an artifact in one of them will not make the artifact disappear from another Black market. But, the Black market does not restock its goods. If you clear one out, it will remain empty for the rest of the game.

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