Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete Arrow Towers guide

16 Sep 2020

Created by: Tg Games

This guide will teach you everything there is to know about Arrow Towers. You'll learn how to increase their damage, take control over them and even how to take them down in siege battles.

Special thanks to Tg Games whose video made this guide possible.

Arrow towers do different amounts of damage in every game you play. In this guide we will show you how the arrow towers work. Arrow towers from all towns make the same amount of damage. Archers, Medusas, Liches - they all make the same amount of damage.

The main arrow tower is called the Keep. The Keep has an attack skill of 10 and a damage range 16-24. The main building will almost always deal the maximum damage. However, the same does not go for 2 other arrow towers - they will make approximately half the damage. So, the Upper tower has an attack skill of 10 and does 10 to 12 damage, and the same goes for the Lower tower - it also makes 10-12 damage and has an attack skill of 10.


Secondary skills do not have influence on the damage. Heroes with Artillery skill will be given control of the arrow towers because a Ballista is not allowed inside the defended towns. This way, the defending hero can choose who to attack. This can prove to be very useful, because the arrow towers start the battle. The attacked unit's defense skill does not make difference to the damage made by the arrow towers. It doesn't matter if a unit has a high defense skill, it will take the same amount of damage as the unit with a low defense skill. It is important to note that the arrow towers will not get stronger with a hero inside the town, because they are unaffected by the hero's skills or his attack power. Also, they're not influenced by artifacts in the hero's possession.


Because they are not affected by the hero's skills or the artifacts, the arrow towers have their own ways of getting stronger. Structures that you build inside your town make the arrow towers stronger. With every building the damage of the Keep is increased by 3, and 1,5 for other towers. This means approximately 6 more damage per round. However, upgrades to dwellings or Mage guilds do not increase the damage. But, updates like Capitol or Resource Silo will still increase the damage. The attack skill of the towers stays the same.

The Castle town has the most unique buildings and it will deal the highest damage. The Grail is also considered as an extra structure, so it will increase the damage even more. Summarizing, your arrow towers make the biggest amount of damage having all structures built and the Grail structure erected. Unfortunately, there are a couple of bugs in the game. Troops led by a hero with Armorer skill will receive more damage instead of less. The more advanced the Armorer specialty, the more damage your units will receive from arrow towers. The same goes for units under the effect of the Air shield spell. With the expert Air shield spell cast, the attacked units will receive near twice the normal damage! These bugs have been fixed in the Horn of the Abyss version of the game.

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