Special thanks to Alex the Magician for writing this great town overview. Alex creates Heroes 3 guides and hosts a very fun and educational stream that you can watch on twitch.


  1. 1. Necromancy + skeleton transformer + animate dead
  2. 2. Vampire lords
  3. 3. High chance of earth magic
  4. 4. Black/dread knights are the strongest level 6 unit in the game
  5. 5. Undead are immune to mind spells (blind, berserk, forgetfulness)


  1. 1. Usually costs a lot in trade games
  2. 2. Undead units are immune to Bless spell
  3. 3. Relatively weak units except for skeletons and black/dread knights (for example the bone dragon is the weakest level 7 unit in the game)
  4. 4. Undead army doesn’t mix well with units from other factions as the presence of undead in your army gives -1 morale to your other units
  5. 5. Can get unlucky with rolling animate (in the worst case scenario you have to reroll 5 times) and not getting enough mana/sp to make animate effective enough.

Best heroes

Galthran is generally the starting hero due to 3 stacks of skeletons and skeleton specialty, allowing for good tempo in the early game. He’s also the best for doing fights when skeletons are your main army.

Isra and vidomina are good for skeleton farming due to their necromancy specialty.

Thant is good because he has animate and also specializes in it. In combination with scholar this can help not have to depend on rolling animate in the mage guild.

Any spellcasting hero can also be good in case the map doesn’t give you enough casting stats.


Build order

First two turns are almost always skeleton transformer>mg1

After that it depends on the map

It is common to go for a necro amplifier turn 3, but if there aren’t too many opportunities to necro up skeletons on the map, then players can skip it in favor of getting mg3 sooner.

After the necro amp (or after mg1 if necro amp wasn’t built) it’s most common to build mg2 and 3 to get animate, unless you have thant + scholar or are going for vampire lords.

If the map gives you enough vampire dwellings (usually 3 or more, but at least 2), or if you find a vampire/vampire lords box, after necro amplifier you can go for estate and upgraded estate as enough vampire lords can farm the map without the need for animate.

A less common option is to go for black knights or liches if the map gives you a few of their dwellings.

Best spells

Animate dead - usually a must have for necro. Unlike resurrect, one doesn’t even need a magic school to keep the raised skeletons after combat.

Teleport - can be really good as skeletons are slow and can be kited easily. More effective with water magic, but generally works well without it too.

Haste - can be a big help for the same reason as teleport. Most effective with advanced or expert air magic.


Other useful spells - this is pretty much the same as for every other faction so I’ll just list them without a description: mass slow, mass shield/stoneskin, good battle magic like implosion or chain lightning), control spells like town portal and dimension door/fly.


Name Attack Defense Min Dmg Max dmg HP
Black Knight 16 16 15 30 120
Bone Dragon 17 15 25 50 150
Dread Knight 18 18 15 30 120
Ghost Dragon 19 17 25 50 200
Lich 13 10 11 13 30
Power Lich 13 10 11 15 40
Skeleton 5 4 1 3 6
Skeleton Warrior 5 4 1 3 6
Vampire 10 9 5 8 30
Vampire Lord 10 10 5 8 40
Walking Dead 5 5 2 3 15
Wight 7 7 3 5 18
Wraith 7 7 3 5 18
Zombie 5 5 2 3 20

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