Hello and congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a HoMM Utopia contributor! Our goal is to create a platform with high-quality guides, helper tools, listings of videos, content creators, and much more.

The idea behind HoMM Utopia is for it to be community-driven. That means that we’re more than happy to include anyone willing to help create guides, contribute with fresh ideas, videos, fan art, and of course, memes.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to shoot us a message at info@homm-utopia.com

How are Utopia guides created?

Step 1: Find a subject

There are a lot of HoMM 3 resources but they either aren't covered too well or they're scattered all across the internet in many weird, weird forms. We appreciate all the hard work that went into writing those posts, making thousands of videos and allowing the old and new fans of the game to learn more about the mechanics. We'd like to unite them all under one roof and make that content easy to find for everybody.

Step 2: Structure the guide

Structuring the guide is probably the most important part as it will greatly affect the rest of your guides. Pick the right headers and topics that you'll cover in the guide and you'll see that it will write itself!

Step 3: Fill in the text

When you've written your headings, fill in the blanks. Try keeping this short while still being descriptive and definitely read through the text once you've written it. If it rolls down your tongue, you've done a good job :D

Final step: Get in touch!

Once you have an idea