Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete Luck Guide

10 Sep 2020

Created by: Tg Games

Having good luck in battle means being able to get a “lucky strike”, which grants your attacking units a possibility to inflict maximum amount of damage. No doubt, this is very useful when fighting against stronger opponents. The amount of damage made while influenced by luck is supposed to be doubled - but it is influenced by many factors, so we can’t say that we will always inflict the double amount of damage. Unlike morale, luck can be either neutral or positive, and it ranges from 0 to +3, depending on a number of factors. Luck is not so easily affected as morale and therefore it is harder to increase it. But at the same time, it is harder to decrease it.

Special thanks to Tg Games whose video made this guide possible.

When it comes to decreasing luck, it’s worth saying that in the Horn of the Abyss version of the game negative luck was introduced. Same as morale, negative luck has twice the chance of occurring: Positive luck of +1 has 4.2% chance of granting your units an attack with maximum damage; luck of +2 has 8.3% chance of occurring in battle; and +3 luck has 12.5% chance of awarding you that desired “lucky strike”. On the other hand, in HotA, negative luck of -1 has 8.3% chance of occurring, -2 luck has a probability of 6.7% and -3 luck has 25% chance of minimizing your attack.

luck-guide Luck chance table

All units start with neutral luck (0) and without exceptions, they are all affected by it. Also, it is important to note that mixing units from different towns will not affect the luck bonus in any way. When it comes to units that can affect luck – Devils will decrease enemy’s luck by -1, Halflings always have positive luck, and creatures without a hero are not affected by positive luck. In Horn of the Abyss version, Arch Devils decrease enemy’s luck by -2, and since there is negative luck in HotA, it can be a real problem. Also, Leprechaun can cast Fortune and units without a hero can be influenced by good luck in HotA.

Special cases

When luck shines on units that can attack multiple targets (e. g. Hydras or Dragons), the bonus damage will not be applied to all units under attack. Target for the bonus damage is chosen clockwise.

multiple-units-luck When luck shines on units that attacks multiple targets, bonus damage will not be applied to all units under attack.

Dread Knights have another damage modifier that doubles their damage – the Death Blow attack. This can occur with luck at the same time, and two do not negate each other.

What affects luck in heroes 3?

Structures, Adventure Map objects, secondary skills, special unit abilities and town buildings can all increase your luck in different ways. Here's a list of everything that can help you get lucky:


There are structures you can build that will increase your luck. Rampart’s Fountain of Fortune increases luck of the defending hero by +2 and that's not the only luck modifier that Rampart has. This town's grail building, the Spirit Guardian grants +2 luck to all allied heroes no matter where they are.


There are three different terrains that can affect your luck values. Tg Games has done a great job showcasing this with the following image:


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