Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete gold Guide

26 Oct 2020

Created by: Tg Games

Gold is the most important resource in the game and plainly, it is used for everything. The most important way (and at the same time the easiest) of acquiring it is by upgrading the Hall in your town.

gold-guide-town-hall-values Village hall levels and provided daily income

Every town starts with at least a Village Hall, which grants you +500 Gold daily. Every upgrade to your Hall doubles the amount of Gold you get - next in line is the Town Hall (+1000 Gold daily), after it comes the City Hall (+2000 Gold) and in the end, the Capitol (+4000 Gold daily). Having a Capitol is a great advantage, but one player can build only one Capitol. If you happen to conquer an opponent’s town that has a Capitol, it will be downgraded to a City Hall. However, you can still have more than one Capitol in edited maps.

Special thanks to Tg Games whose video made this guide possible.

What is needed to upgrade Halls?

Village Hall is the minimum defining building of a town and it is present by default. In order to upgrade it to a Town Hall, you will need to build a Tavern before it. The cost of building a Town Hall is 2500 Gold. The City Hall is a bit harder to build, since it will require a Blacksmith, Mage Guild, Marketplace and 5000 Gold. The highest upgrade, the Capitol will need a Castle and 10 000 Gold.

Heroes’ contribution

Heroes can also provide your Kingdom with gold. There is a secondary skill which will allow this - Estates.

gold-guide-estate-levels Estates skill gold rewards by level

Estates is a skill which can be acquired by all Heroes except for Death Knights. The basic level of this skill will give you +125 Gold per day, advanced level gives you +250 Gold daily and at the expert level you will get + 500 Gold per day. In the Horn of the Abyss version of the game, the amount is doubled (basic Estates +250 Gold, advanced Estates +500 Gold, expert Estates +1000 Gold)! Heroes who start with this secondary skill are: Lord Haart the Knight, Cuthbert the Cleric, Erdamon the Planeswalker, Thunar the Planeswalker, Mutare the Overlord / Mutare Drake the Overlord and Leena the Captain. Lord Haart also has Estates as a specialty, so the income will increase with every level he progresses. Heroes can also provide your Kingdom with +350 Gold, if they have it as a specialty. You will get this amount every day as long as the Hero with the specialty is alive.There is a number of Heroes with this specialty, but Stronghold and Fortress towns do not have Heroes with such specialty. You can have more than one Hero with +350 Gold specialty, and the amount will add up.

gold-guide-heroes-with-estates Heroes with Estates secondary skill

Adventure Map

Adventure Map is usually a good place to find objects that can give you Gold. There are pickables, like the Treasure Chest or Campfire that can be gathered with a hero:

gold-guide-buildings-that-grant-gold Pickable items that grant gold

There are also buildings and locations which must be visited every week in order to get some gold:

gold-guide-buildings-that-grant-gold Visit these buildings once per week to get some gold

And there are Mines - a Gold Mine will give you +1000 Gold per day; or you can find an Abandoned Mine and fight the Troglodytes in order to restore the mine to production. When it comes to Abandoned Mines, the type of mine is determined at random and it can provide you with any resource (except for wood).


There aren't many Artifacts that will boost your Gold income. In fact, there are only three - Endless Purse of Gold (+500 Gold per day), Endless Bag of Gold (+750 Gold daily) and Endless Sack of Gold (+1000 Gold per day). In HotA, you can combine these Artifacts to create the Golden Goose which will add +4750 Gold more, for a total of +7000 Gold daily.

gold-guide-artifacts-that-grant-gold Artifacts that give gold

Extra ways of gaining additional Gold

You may get some extra Gold by selling resources, artifacts and troops if you find the right buildings. Building a Grail structure will give you +5000 Gold daily. Also, a very good special building is the Treasury, which can be built in Rampart town. It will grant an extra 10% Gold of the current amount of Gold at the start of each week. This structure is probably the best source of income, since you can build one in each Rampart town and the income will increase by 10% with each of the Treasury. Diplomacy secondary skill can also be useful for obtaining Gold - wandering creature stacks may join you, and you can then use the Freelancer’s Guild to sell them for Gold. Like in many cases, the number of marketplaces you own determines the price you will receive for your creatures.

Creature Banks

Lastly, there is a number of Creature Banks and they can give you a nice amount of Gold, however, be careful when visiting these places, because sometimes you will have problems exiting them alive, especially early in the game.

gold-guide-creature-banks-that-award-gold SoD monster banks that award gold

gold-guide-creature-banks-that-award-gold-hota HotA creature banks that give gold

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